It is strongly advised that breastfed babies and toddlers see an IBCLC before pursuing treatment with any other provider. The IBCLC’s role is to properly assess oral function, address all related breastfeeding issues, refer for diagnosis and treatment to bodyworkers and/or release providers, prepare the family for release, including oral exercises, communicate with other providers to optimize care and follow-up until breastfeeding is fully functional. Symptoms are more indicative than visuals, so assess your baby’s symptoms and contact an IBCLC is relevant.

For more information on tongue tie symptoms, read here.

​This is a public map demarcating International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) who address ankyloglossia, otherwise known as tongue tie or tethered oral tissues (TOTs).

DISCLAIMER: Please recognize that this map does not – and cannot – represent a specific endorsement or guarantee of excellence nor liability related to the outcome of care. Approach may vary according to IBCLC, as does education in this specialty.  Not all IBCLCs will have the same skill set in this area of specialty. Please direct questions as to skills and experience to the IBCLC directly.  Readers are advised to make direct contact with IBCLCs on this list to ascertain the best match. Each IBCLC is assumed to carry their own liability insurance.

For a detailed timeline of a tongue tie revision including bodywork and IBCLC, read here.