A tongue tie release is the first crucial step in remediating a tight tongue tie. It is however only the first step in a longer journey, as the inside of the mouth heals especially fast. So in order to ensure that the tongue tie will remain loose and flexible, you must perform aftercare exercises.

There seems to be many different opinions on what exercises must be done, how to do them, and how often. Below, we will address what exercises to perform and how. Some practitioners do not recommend aftercare, or does not place adequate emphasis on the importance thereof.

We strongly recommend performing aftercare for a minimum of 6 weeks, as we have extensive experience with tongue, lip and buccal ties reattaching if this is not performed. Performing aftercare is difficult and stressful, so expect and prepare for this. If your baby has teeth, consider purchasing a bite block to spare your fingers hurtful biting. At less than $10 this can be a great investment to ensure that you have the needed space to perform the exercises.

For more information on bite blocks, read here.

To learn more about how often to perform aftercare, and how to incorporate bodywork, IBCLC etc., click here for our detailed timeline including bodywork and IBCLC.

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